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Individuals wishing to apply to OMHSPA can simply click the appropriate membership category and apply. Potential OMHSPA Members will be contacted in person or by e-mail and advised of their application status.

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Practising Member

$140 annually

This member is in an active professional and non-union occupational health and safety role. This may include: municipal & regional, government, First Nations council bands, utilities, conservation authorities, publicly funded transportation services, agencies, library and school boards, commissions and other organizations which are funded by a municipal or regional level of government, and comparable levels of public service organizations, as determined by the Executive.

Membership is based on the fact that the individual spends approximately 50% of their time providing occupational health and safety expertise to the organization. This may include internal Health & Safety Consulting, Training, Claims Management, Disability Management, Human Resources, Driver Trainer, Emergency Management, performing the duties of a JHSC Management Co-Chair, etc. A membership application should include a copy of a job description or posting. This member has voting rights within the Association.

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Associate Member

$140 annually

By approval/invitation of the Executive, this member is in a professional occupational health and safety role from the public sector and is not an employee of a municipal & regional, government organization defined as a practising member. Their work meets the membership requirements of a practising member. An invitation will only be extended if ratified by a majority show of hands of all Practising Members in attendance at a general meeting. An Associate member does not have voting rights with the Association.


Honourary Member

At the discretion of the Executive, and by member request, an Honourary Membership may be conferred upon a former member of the Association who meets the following criteria:

Ten years as a member (in any membership class) of the Association, or

Five years as a member (in any membership class) of the Association, including at least one year on the Executive, and

Is retired and is no longer employed full-time in the Occupational Health & Safety field.

Honourary Members will be exempt from payments of dues and will receive minutes and OMHSPA ML access at their request.

An Honourary member who returns to full-time gainful employment shall relinquish their Honourary Membership and may reapply at a future date in time.

Title of the membership belongs to the payer of the membership fee. The Executive may permit transfer of membership, at the request of the payer, provided the person to whom membership is transferred meets the criteria for membership. Practising Members have a responsibility to promote health and safety within the municipal environment and to assist fellow members with the development and implementation of effective policies and procedures. Only Practising Members are entitled to vote on matters presented to the membership for a vote. No member shall use, or permit the use of membership in OMHSPA, or the membership list, or minutes, for the purpose of active commercial solicitation.


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